The Odyssey Programme is a space for undergraduates in SPMS and NTU to push boundaries of what can do individually and collectively in science. We self-organise a series of talks and seminars, projects and activities. In addition to student-led activities, faculty and PhD students are invited to nurture our undergraduate community in actualising their passion and enthusiasm for science. If you are curious about science or research in any way, we want YOU! Hop on to our very next event, join us on Telegram/Instagram, and we hope to form an organic community with no membership necessary.

For members of the university, check out the process of formally participating in the Odyssey Research Programme here.

The proceedings of our fortnightly meetings and any ad-hoc activities will be shared on this website and on our social media platform. We welcome any suggestions and feedback. We are happy to receive emails and message on any of our social media platforms!