Posted on Wed 04 August 2021

AY2021 Special Semester

The posters of the Odyssey Research Symposium are detailed as below. Click on the titles to open up the .pdf files.


S/N Name Supervisor Topic Title
1 Chan Ric Prof Frederique Elise Oggier On the convergence of the Collatz sequence for all positive integer initial values
2 Oon Yu Yang Prof Andrew James Kricker Matrix Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
3 Aravinth Krishnan Prof. Juan Pablo A Primer on Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry
4 Sim Zheng Xian Prof Hoang Viet Ha Bayesian Inverse Problem for Linear Systems
5 Loo Dong Lin Dr Tang Wee Kee Metric spaces and isometries
6 Neo Chee Heng Prof Ng Keng Meng Forcing with Partial Functions and its Subsequent Iterations
7 Teh Yu Xuan Assoc Prof Frédérique Elise Oggier Lattices and Rings


S/N Name Supervisor Topic Title
1 Lim Yan Ping Apple Prof Atsushi Goto One -Step Synthesis of Smart Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymer Nano- Assemblies
2 Mirabelle Pei Xue Jing Prof Tan Choon Hong Enantioselectivity through Bisguanidinium Catalysis with Biomimicry
3 Goh Kai Leong Dr Lu Yun Peng Predicting Glass Transition Temperatures of Polymers
4 Glen Loo Wen Bin Prof Liu Xue Wei Towards the Synthesis of Cellobiose-type Lipid II Analogues
5 Tan Zher Nin Prof Lee Hiang Kwee Incorporating Chaotropicity onto Photothermal Material to Chemically boost Solar Steam Generation
6 Christine Ling Chun Hui Prof Ling Xing Yi SERS detection of NAFLD via multimodal probe-metabolite interactions
7 Lok Xin Yi Prof Lee Hiang Kwee Liquid Marble and Its Sensing and Catalytic Applications
8 Wee Ze Yu Prof Tan Howe Siang Performing 2D Electronic Spectroscopy on TIPS-Pn in Toluene to Demonstrate CLS Beating Pattern


S/N Name Supervisor Topic Title
1 Wang Danqi Dr. Leek Meng Lee Cosmology
2 Teo Yong Sen Prof Cheong Siew Ann Smart Email Assistant
3 Sharoz Schezwen Prof Bent Weber Synthesis of Monolayer 1T'-WTe2 and investigation of the Quantum Spin Hall Effect
4 Chong Bi Qi Dr. Nelly Ng Systematically understanding the power of small catalyst
5 Tan Fei Dr. Nelly Ng Investigating properties of the information relative variance
6 Ho Xin Jie Kenneth Prof David Wilkowski Optical multiplexer for laser phase locking
7 Lim Zi Yao Prof Yong Ee Hou Using PyElastica to Explore the Effects of Forces on Cosserat Rods
8 Biswas Riddhi Dr Leek Meng Lee Relativistic Quantum Field Theories in Standard Model of Particle Physics
9 Chai Siao Yang Prof Lu Bing Sui Casimir-Polder Force on A Nanoparticle above a Nonreciprocal Medium
10 Bryan Cheng Wei Hao Prof Cesare Soci Perovskite Metasurface Light Emitting Transistor
11 Ho Cheong Wei Prof David Wilkowski Optical Multiplexer for Laser Phase Locking
12 Yeo Poh Meng Prof Chong Yidong Machine optimization of Smith-Purcell Radiation
13 Gupta Chaitanya Dr. Gu Mile Thermodynamics of Misaligned Expectations
14 Teo Hau Tian Prof Zhang Baile Topological Phase Transition in a 1D Phononic Crystal
15 Tiang Bi Hong Prof Lu Bing Sui Casimir Effect in Chern Insulator
16 Lim Yu Jie Prof Rainer Helmut Dumke Violation of Bell's Inequalities
17 Choy Boy Prof.Rainer Dumke Towards simulating the potential energy surface of dihydrogen in a superconducting quantum computer
18 Soe Gon Yee Thant Prof.Rainer Dumke Streamlining and automating the design of superconducting transmon qubits