Posted on Thu 03 March 2022


The Odyssey Research Programme is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to immerse themselves in an exciting and fruitful research experience. Over the 12-week duration of the research programme, Odysseyans will conduct full-time research under the guidance of faculty members from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS).

Beyond the research aspect, Odysseyans also get to engage with like-minded peers and gain knowledge across the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics through the weekly meetings organized by the Odyssey student committee. These weekly meetings range from academic talks by professors on various topics in science, to sharing of past experiences by undergraduates.

As the culmination of the Odyssey Research Programme, Odysseyans present their research projects at the Odyssey Research Symposium, a platform for undergraduates to build skills in scientific communication, share their research journey and experiences, learn aboout research developments across the divisions and to come together as a community who shares the passion for science and research.

Through this programme, undergraduates gain valuable research experience, immersion into the research culture, form firm relationships with their faculty mentors and forge friendships with peers across the divisions. The skills, insight, knowledge and experiences gained through this programme go far beyond the 12-week duration, with the Odyssey Research Programme serving as a stepping stone to further excitement, wonder and adventures in research.

Timeline (2022)

Week Date Activity
8 8 Mar Briefing; applications open.
9-10 14 - 25 Mar You may start looking out for potential faculty members to work with. If you do approach faculty to discuss potential projects, it should be with the understanding that you have yet to be assigned the Odyssey programme.
11 28 Mar (12 noon) Email signed application form to
Director, SPMS-Odyssey
11/12 End of week 11/
Beginning of week 12
Results of application will be emailed to you.
12-13 4 - 15 Apr Talk to SPMS faculty to discuss possible research project, and write up project proposal with supervisor.
(Study Week)
18 Apr (12 noon) Email signed project proposal to
Director, SPMS-Odyssey
Special Terms 9 May - 29 July Odyssey Research Programme
1st week of Aug Odyssey Research Symposium

Briefing Slides

Odyssey Briefing Slides

Application Form

Odyssey Research - Application Form 2022

Research Proposal Form

Odyssey Research - Research Proposal